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Temple History

Temple Histry wil be available soon

Sri Vaikundanatha Swamy along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi is believed to have descended to this location in one of the earlier yugas in response to prayer by Athri and Markandeya maharishis. The two maharishis are found mediating on either side of the main shrine in the temple.

The Lord’s divya-mangala vigraham is made of green maragatham stone, and is about 6 feet in height (without base Peetham ). His consorts, Sridevi and Bhoodevi are about 5 feet. The Lord has a beautiful hastam assuring us of his unfailing protection all times.

At this location is believed to have existed a glorious temple at least 700 years ago. There is no histry available as to how this temple got destroyed. As new buildings are coming up in the area, several Swami idols have been unearthed.

At the Vaikundanathaswamy temple shrine was also found a unique, thiru ashtakshara udduruni (special type of spoon used to perform thiru aradhanam to the lord, and serve the holy water to developes). This udduruni is used to serve holy water only on Thiruvonam days when thirumanjanam takes place once a month for the lord and His consorts (Moolavar). It is believed that devotees that partake of the holy water for 5 continuous thiruvonam star thirumanjanams are cured or bodily aliments and diseases. The udduruni, unlike others normally seen, is made of 8 nodes denoting the 8 aksharas of the king of mantras – the ashtakshara mantra. On the handle Krishna performing Kaalinga Nardana dance, assuring us that like Kaalinga, he will drive away all our illnesses.

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